SOUL_to_SOLE_BOOK_COVERSOUL to SOLE: The Views from the Shoes

By Carolyn Evaughn Knowles

Throughout your life, you will try on many different types of shoes, only choosing to wear some of them. Soul to Sole: The Views from the Shoes presents shoe analogies that inspire you to find the shoe that fits. It encourages you to find the shoe that makes you feel comfortable and that supports the different seasons of your life.

A spiritual and physical walk through life, Soul to Sole provides insight into the hearts and souls of several women as they discuss the life experiences that have made them into the women they are today. It also shares the perspectives of three women from three different generations: Traditionalist Generation (1900-1945); Baby Boomer Generation (1946-1964); and the Millennial Generation (1981-2000).

The stories describe a range of experiences from women who have traveled different roads, narrating how they navigated the paths that led to their current stations. They highlight the importance of pursuing one’s passion and discovering one’s purpose and talents. Theirs are stories that show where love abounded and life unfolded; where determination persisted and success prevailed; and where the distance was run and the victory won. Through it all, they learned how to lean and depend on GOD.

Short bio of author

Carolyn Evaughn Knowles, currently a senior level civil servant, earned a bachelor’s degree from Saint Augustine’s College and a master’s degree from Central Michigan University. She is a retired army officer, former assistant professor, and program director. Knowles and her husband of 36 years, Gilbert, have one daughter, Summer and live in Haymarket, Virginia.


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The Views from the shoes