About us

  • We are a Virginia certified, Small, Woman- and/or Minority-owned ("SWaM") consulting firm specializing in speaking, consulting and training for corporations and organizations.
  • Our Mission - To help organizations and their stakeholders develop a strategy for aligning their competencies with their mission. Utilizing results collected from personality test, i.e. Myers Briggs, DISC Profile, etc. or personal interviews, we assist the customer with developing personal and professional goals aimed at corporate growth.
  • Our Philosophy – Alignment is the key to mission success. Our approach includes utilizing a 360-degree approach to evaluating competencies. Unless an individual considers both their personal and professional attributes, they are never fully engaged in their endeavors.
  • Our Goal - To help corporations and organizations realize maximum benefit from their employees or members. In the process we assist the individual with developing a personal strategic plan to guide their daily performance.

Why Choose Us

We Provide:

  • Industry Experience
  • Quality Service
  • Feedback Loop
  • Leadership Experience
  • Understanding of Generation Y
  • Follow-on Services
  • Fully Customizable Services

Who Are Our Clients