Our Leadeship

Clarence T. Brown specializes in alignment. Through the vehicles of speaking, training, consulting, coaching and writing, he used his 15+ years of for-profit and non-profit management to start The Talking Bout, LLC, a one-stop shop for organizations and corporations. Experience has taught Mr. Brown that unless an individual was a true stakeholder in the success of the company, by way personal fulfillment, they would rarely give 100%. Therefore he developed a company that would act as liaison between corporate management and its employees. The goal is to assist the employee with developing a personal strategic plan that would ALIGN with their corporate responsibility. This connection will allow the employee to come to work daily with a vested interest in mutual success. This method reduces loss in productivity and premature employee turnover, thereby saving the organization from overextending their annual training budget.

In addition to leading The Talking Bout, Mr. Brown recently started a non-profit organization, whose goal is to travel the country holding educational and motivational seminars for youth and young adults. This company, On Your Purpose Inc. is created to fill a void that K-16 schools either does not or cannot fill. By assisting the youth with ALIGNing their education and career paths with their interest and strengths, Mr. Brown desires to better equip the countries future workforce for the corporations that will employ them.