Professional Services

The Talking Bout, LLC offers the following a la carte services, but suggests that their customers consider a three layered

  • Keynote Address: A high-energy yet thought provoking approach, to deliver an inspirational message that culminates with a motivational call-to-action. Presentations can be delivered in both large and small settings such as conferences, conventions, award ceremonies, and organizational meetings. Our message is customized to meet your needs based on a topic you select or a theme suggested by us.
  • Training: Customized solutions to fit a variety of needs. We assess your needs by conducting in-depth interviews with your stakeholders and then identifying the method needed to successfully bring your organization's goals to reality. Once the approach and message is agreed upon, a plan outlining specific deliverables is submitted for the client's approval. We use a variety of delivery methods such as workshops, seminars, and one-on-one sessions based upon suitability.
  • Consulting: Utilizing our years of corporate management experience in non-profit and for profit management, Human Resources, and Education, we develop a customized solution that assists with meeting your corporate or group goals. Our consultation process requires forming a cooperative partnership with the client and key stakeholders. This relationship begins with a thorough assessment of needs and the creation of clear project objectives. We then develop a detailed scope of work to be approved by the client. Post project, the consultant will sit down with the client and facilitate a concise close-out process where we will document lessons-learned and provide feedback to utilize in your companies future endeavors.
  • Also available:

  • Coaching: We realize that having the right answers is not always enough. Therefore, we offer several coaching approaches to fit your personal, professional, individual, and corporate needs. Whether you need a one-time tune-up to bring balance before a big meeting or event; someone to give you hard-nosed, logical, objective advice; or a series of meetings to develop a framework for completing difficult or undesirable tasks, we have a solution for you.

Our layered approach consists of coming to your group, association, organization or corporation for a kick-off keynote. This provides a high-level view of the initiative or paradigm shift. Following this initial interaction, we provide organization-wide follow-up training to provide a logical process to complete the corporate or organizational initiative. After a pre-determined period of time, our company then returns to your organization an offers a consulting package to insure that the initiative is entrenched and any necessary adjustments to the approach are made.


As an added bonus, we can provide individual coaching sessions for individuals or departments needing additional assistance with the more complex components.